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Tracing of Suspicious IP Addresses

Tracing of Suspicious IP Addresses

We provide software and internet experts who are capable of tracking suspicious internet protocol (IP) addresses that are causing problems for our clients. We provide our solutions for both personal and business clients and help them to block the IP, find the culprits and prosecute them under the applicable law.

IP addresses provide the specific location of every system or network connected to the internet. They are binary numbers which are generally displayed in a specific non-binary format which can be easily used by people. IP addresses are governed by two protocols, IPv4 that uses a 32 bit number to identify a device and IPv6 which uses 128 bits. Both formats can help locate a computer and stop it from accessing our client’s devices. In cases where a network of systems use the same IP, stopping one device from accessing a vulnerable unit will also effectively prevent the others from accessing the unit. Numerous computers and other devices share the same address when they share a hosting server or are using the same proxy server or are using a network address translator.

In most instances, a suspicious IP can be easily stopped by a firewall that has been configured into a system or into all systems that have been targeted by a specific address. This provides an effective cover until the people behind the transgression are stopped by legal means. The location can also be stopped by blacklisting it with DNS records. Databases such as DNS blacklists contain a detailed inventory of all suspicious IP addresses that have been reported by users across the internet. They are able to track various devices and their servers using the DNS methodology as well as their IP position. We check such lists during our investigation into malicious systems to find whether the IP we are tracking has already been blacklisted and lookup the identities of the people behind the address. We also use mail headers of emails to find the required information before we cross-check it with the inventories.

We use various measures to stop unauthorised people from encroaching onto our client’s computers, servers and network. Our experts design and code customised programmes which can trace the origin of such malicious activity. Besides that, we also use standard products created by other developers to find the source. Our investigations help our customers to stop any specific activity directly aimed to disrupt their normal work or cause them financial losses, as well as general nefarious activities targeted at all or a specific group of users of the internet.

We also help our clientele and their lawyers to draft a proper case against such people based on actual evidence that can be used in court. Additionally, we coordinate with various authorities such as the police and other cyber crime prevention officials to catch the miscreants and bring them to justice. Due to the comparatively newer nature of cyber crimes, we focus on showing all detailed facts on the case including loss suffered from stoppage of work that can be utilised by the judges to send the criminals to jail.