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Tracing of Abuse Mails

Tracing of Abuse Mails

We help our corporate and individual clients trace the path of any abusive email and stop the menace with appropriate action. Our services help businesses prevent any recurring system outages due to the malware attached in the email. We also coordinate with legal authorities on behalf of our clients to book the culprits.

Abuse mails or spam have become a part of the internet. Though most of them are harmless, there are others which contain malware such as viruses or spyware and can cause major problems if clicked on. These bad emails are sent under an identity created for that purpose and through a web route that is near impossible to track by regular users. Spam is nowadays sent by software called spambots that are programmed to send these malicious data. The bots create false accounts that cannot be traced back to them to start the sending process. The fake accounts multiply according to the number of messages that need to be sent. Tracking all such email ids is not possible for regular people who have numerous other things to do during the day.

Spambots such as web crawlers collect the email addresses from various sources on the internet, in most cases illegally. These may include the newsletters or updates recipients, specific newsgroups, guest books, websites, forums, blogs, wikis, online groups or chat rooms, among many others. Once collected, the email addresses are then either used for sending own spam or given to other shady organisations who want to send such messages. One primary reason for the proliferation of spam is the simple coding format of all mails which make them very easy to locate using a simple software programme. The malicious programmes use various methods to hide their tracks. In certain instances, they mask their address to show the id of someone who is also a recipient of their spam.

Besides regular unrequired messages that appear in the inbox in hundreds and are mostly harmless, there are other types of mails that are far more dangerous. These are created specifically to target a company or an individual by hackers or criminals and contain malware that can cause havoc just by being received in the inbox. Among the problems they create include system crashes, virus infection across an internal network, data theft including secure user id and password stealing, and usage tracking. Though issues such as tracking the users’ online interests are practised by nearly all websites to customise and ease people’s interactions with their site, tracking the behaviour for malicious use later is a criminal offence.

Tracing all such duplicitous online behaviour requires an in-depth knowledge of the web, its infrastructure and coding. We use various techniques to trace the sender including analysing the email header. The header contains most of the details necessary to track the message as each address or step in the path is recorded. Our experts can also identify if a header has been manipulated in any way to confuse the trackers. We also use various software programmes to run tests on the emails received which allows us to find the path of the email and its original source. Once we identify the source, we help our clients to take all necessary steps to block the id from sending any mail to them. In cases of specific targeting, we coordinate with the cyber crime cells of law officials to catch the culprits and book them for legal prosecution.