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Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

We have a team of ethical hackers who can help our clients plug any loopholes or security issues with their systems and networks. Our solutions can help prevent major security outages that may cause significant financial losses for our clients.

Ethical hacking enables an organisation to find the weaknesses in its systems that may be exploited by unethical hackers for illegal purposes. The professionals treat the system in the same manner as the criminal elements and try to find any way to bypass the security protocols put in place and gain unauthorized entry. The process involves detailed and well planned attacks that identify each weak point in the system and in the entire network. Ethical hackers do not cause any disturbance once they gain an entry but merely document how they ought to be stopped the next time. The team creates a roadmap that assesses each risk in terms of its vulnerability to attack and relevant importance.

Our team follows a set of specific guidelines when they receive any request for help. Firstly, we understand from the customer what is required and why. We ask relevant queries on their need for such a test and find the specific and general objectives they want to achieve. Once the clarifications are provided, we analyse the situation and design a plan that will allow us to get a proper idea of the network’s susceptibility to hacking. We share our plan with the client and get their feedback and thoughts which we build into the revised plan. Once the plan of action is finalised, our team gets to work and uses various techniques to infiltrate the system.

Some of the techniques we use include:

  • Vulnerability assessment: Involves running a quick inventory of the entire system to find its weak points. The process includes checking the hardware and software used including anti-virus or malware protection software. We also check the various ports in the system to find if they are protected by strong firewalls
  • Password gathering: Include checking the systems as well as online blogs, forums, user emails, etc. to see if the passwords are easily available. In certain instances, we use password cracking software to assess the strength of the passwords
  • Phishing: Another method we use to gain access is by phishing when we build software to look like a friendly programme that is allowed into the system by the firewall and anti-virus applications. Once in, the programme can be used to show all insecure data including passwords that can be easily transmitted to outside parties
  • Protocol analyser: We use these programmes to capture the information in data packets including login details. Some versions are designed for specific networks which use the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet
  • Rootkit: One of the more evolved methods used by hackers to gain control of a system; uses innocuous methods that mostly go unnoticed. We use this option to check if the system is vulnerable to such attacks as they can remain inconspicuously in the background for a long time
  • Malware checks: We also check how much the system is vulnerable to malware such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and key loggers, among numerous others

Ethical hacking is a complicated process as the goal is to predict what hackers would do or what kind of malicious automated software can get inside the network. Our team provides our clients with a detailed analysis of their investigation as well offering solutions for each weakness that has been identified. This helps them to quickly upgrade their systems with the specific hardware and software required to protect their systems and networks.