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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  prepares students to work as private investigators or in other similar occupations. We offer instruction through home-study via a combination of printed manuals and online training. There is no classroom training. Instruction consists of 36 printed lessons with multiple training components, videos, tapes, and field exercises with seven open-books multiple choice examinations. Upon successful completion of the certificate, we will issue the student a NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  diploma that documents his or her mastery of key investigator skills and professional knowledge. The average time to complete the certificate is 1 to 2 months, but students have up to 24 months to complete the program. For more information, click on the following topic (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) ) www

Working as a private investigator (PI) is interesting, exciting, and intriguing, which makes it one of the hottest careers for men and women today. Even with today’s struggling economy, there is no downturn for PIs. The escalation in crimes, fraud, and identity theft means a high demand in the job market for skilled, properly trained PIs. You can either become a specialist and focus your expertise exclusively on areas such as criminal defense, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, or you can become a generalist and work cases ranging from marital/custody to skip-tracing to high-tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations. The choice is yours.
NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) you all the essential skills that you need to become a qualified private investigator with no long training programs or college classes to attend. In just 1 to 2 months, you can turn your passion into an exciting new career and begin solving cases. Very few careers have such short but effective training programs. Today, most worthwhile careers require years of education and training and then offer only limited opportunities to enter the field after graduation. With NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) , you can immediately apply your new skills to a new career in private investigation or to advance your current career as a PI.
NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( AUnit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  is one of the most trusted names in PI training. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( AUnit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) offers over 24 years of experience training thousands of men and women in the principles of investigation. You’ll learn how to conduct quick, efficient investigations, build airtight cases that can withstand legal challenges in court, and begin building your reputation as a professional and ethical PI.
With NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  careful guidance, you will engage in foot and vehicle surveillances, conduct real background checks, run criminal histories and license plate checks, trace telephone numbers, and access special PI databases.
Whether this is your first career or you are an experienced PI seeking to update your current skills, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  gives you the edge to compete successfully in today's job market and expand your career options. free private investigator certificate, detective training books Free short Coures on Private Investigation & Detective  Certificate ON PRIVATE INVESTIGATION - PI Mall, Lesson | Detective Training Institute - A Private Investigator Training...Become a Real Private Investigator For Free (Online Class) Private Investigator cerificate | Online Certification Training, Free Private Investigator Training | Paid or Free PI Training?-Forensic Science, Distance, certificate , Online Education, Training, Private Investigator (Detective) – NIPI DETECTIVE EDUCATION DEPARTMENTIFS-Private Investigator Online Certificate - Private Investigators Certificate

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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)  is a full service detective agency, providing private investigation Traning services to individuals, corporate and organizations over a wide range of espionage and surveillance activitiesWe provide investigation for criminal cases, forensic tests, bank frauds, employee verification, competitor's investigation, insurance claims, matrimonial verifications, Polygraphs test and services, lie detection test services and more. The entire report of investigation and the name of the clients are kept strictly confidential and discreet in any circumstance. With more risk and responsibilities come in various aspect of business and personal life, it becomes mandatory to take all possible safety measures to avoid future problems. Through our extensive investigation services, we provide exact information/inputs that assist our clients to formulate effective solution. After identifying the nature of the problem, we conduct fact-based investigation in strict time schedule to provide important feedback/information to the clients.
Our team of investigators consists of seasoned professionals having vast experience in dealing with investigation technicalities. It is only our effective and ethical services that provide us 80% of business through reference.
NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) is owned by Mr. K.R. Choudhary, who has years of experience as an investigator with some of the world's most renowned investigating agencies. We have a team of investigators with legal & law enforcement background and advance technological resources.

Introduction :- The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)    is an institution conceived , Planned  & Brought to existence by a group of professional investigators  having a vast experience of over 18 year in this field . What motivations the germination of the conception of founding this institute  was  the revelations  that  these private Detectives Unearthed During The certificate of their Investigation . The Incidents Of Both minor offences & Major Crimes far exceeded the reported  cases due to the reasons mentioned below .

  1. The Victim Often Fears Reprisals in the event of his /her reporting the matter to police , leave aside the apprehensions of harassment etc.
  2. While the police knows about its legal right & limitations and at times it ventures to far exceed them without any hesitation & hindrance, the ordinary citizen is unaware of the rights the Indian Constitution has endowed on him/ her.
  3.  With the increasing rate of crime & the growing threat of terrorism all over the country, the law protecting authorities are so much overburdened with their  work that they often find it quite difficult to handle so many cases at a time.
  4. Normally industries / business houses in general & public in particular , are hesitant to report sensitive matters to the  police for the fear of adverse publicity & also for various other reasons . They prefer to hire the services of Private Detective who make enquiries & Investigations Discreetly and Confidentially , ensuring total secrecy of their client’s identity.

A great need has been felt by the law enforcing authorities to obtain active co-operation of the public , making their tough task easier . this is only possible if an average citizen is encouraged educated and made aware of his/ her constitutional rights and obligations. These would help him/ her in becoming an effective ally of the police rather than becoming a victim of the under world .

The Institute has, on the basis of the above considerations ,taken  upon itself the task to contribute its mite in bringing about awareness in the mind of the citizens, especially the youth, and  modeling them into being citizen as would do them  pride, the certificate imparted by this institute becomes all them into being citizen as would do them pride. The certificate parted by this Institute becomes all more “ The Requirement Of The Time” in View of the call of the government instructing its law enforcing agencies to seek public Co-operation  thus they would strengthen the law enforcement & would be contributing towards a common cause to which the police is dutifully bound , involved & dedicated . Needless to mention, these future private investigations will not only be an asset to the police in rendering assistance form time to time as is being done in most of the advanced countries , but will also be doing a great service to police .The students Trained here expected to be band of self confident and disciplined Men and Women with high moral and disciplined conduct capable of solving common human follies and problems with cheerfulness. Even th those , who do not wish to make “Investigation” as their profession, the training would generate a feeling of awaress and confidence . It helps them in solving  their  own as well as others day to day problems , without referring them to the local police .

It is matter to pride to mention that during the first three year of its inception in December  2013, a large number of students from all over the country and abroad had taken admission .Number of students, on completion of the certificate , have chosen the profession of a private detective and are gainfully employed with reputed detective  agencies all over the country . Some of these students have established their own Detective agencies and are doing good business. 


The minimum Requirement for the Institute’s distance learning certificates is either the successful completion of the High school Examination or any examination Equivalent to high school conducted by a board recognized by the state or the union territory Government. A Person who has appeared for the for the qualifying examination and is awaiting result is also eligible subject to the following conditions:-


He/ She is required to submit a letter form the head of the institute / school / college etc. Certifying that he/ she has  Appeared or is appearing for the qualifying examination.


He/ She is required to submit an attested photo – copy of the examination slip/ ticket  of the examination  he/ she  has appeared /is appearing.


The distance learning certificate conducted by this Institute are open to all , irrespective of their Nationality .


Irrespective of having  acquired the requisite qualification , no candidate will be admitted to the institute’s distance learning certificate unless he / she has attained the age of 18 year on or before the commencement of the certificate in which he/she is seeking admission. Candidates, who have not attained the age of 18 years, but have completed 17 years on or before the last date mentioned in the application form, attached with this prospectus should , submit a letter form his/ her father guardian , stating that he or she has no objection on his/ her ward undergoing this certificate.

Candidates are required to attach a copy of their High School Certificate , as a proof of their age/ date of birth. This certificate must be duly attested by a Gazetted Officer, Public Notary, The Oath Commissioner or the principal/ headmaster of any Govt. School/ college. In the absence of the availability of above   mentioned authorities in some rural areas or remote places, the certificate could be attested by the postmaster or by the sarpanch of the village panchayat with rubber stamp.


In Order to encourage and create awareness amongst the various classes of the society, the institute offers the following concessions in certificate fee to the persons falling under the following categories . Such persons, except female candidates , are required to submit attested copies of the documentary proof for claiming the concessions in the certificate fee.

Candidates  belonging to the SC/ ST Category

Physically handicapped persons .

Female Candidates

Unmarried wards of serving personnel of defense services and other para – military forces such as B.S.F. , C.R.P.F., I.T.B.P.,C.I.S.F. Coast Guards , Etc.

All Ex-Servicemen who have served for a minimum period of 15 year in any wing of the armed forces such as the army , Navy  and the Air Force. However, this concession is not applicable to those who have been dismissed form service on disciplinary grounds.


Regular Certificate :

The Distance Learning certificate will be of the duration of one year . This certificate will over the techniques and modus- operandi of conducting Investigation , Interrogation, Undercover Operations, Surveillance , Hand Writing, & Finger Prints examination, Forensic Sciences Etc.

Rapid certificate:

The Institute also offers a Rapid Certificate which is of a duration of 1-2 Months Instead of the usual period of One Year . This Certificate is made Available to those who due to some reasons want to complete the same certificate in a shorter period .






The Final Examination Paper, Carrying 75% Marks will be send to the students under Postal Certificate (
U.P.C.) On completion of the certificate. The Students are required to send back the answers papers by Registered Post. In addition, some of the lessons , sent by the Institute, will contain a few questions ,the answers of which will be included in the final examination . Grading will Be awarded on the basis of the overall Performance of the student . The Successful student shall be awarded a “Diploma Certificate”

Those Students who Fail to send back the answers of the final examination paper in the stipulated time may be awarded diploma Certificate for having completed the certificate. No grading will be awarded will be such students .


Students securing  Grades B and above ,may apply for the Affiliated Membership of the institute . Normally , only One student form a Particular Place or district is granted membership. However , in the case big cities more than one person could be considered at thee discretion of the Institute Affiliated members may be assigned cases concerning their  respective areas form time to time . for which they shall be paid suitable remunerations on job to job basis . while fixing the remunerations , the decision of the principal director shall be final. However, a Member can make representation , giving details of expenses incurred in the particular case for the consideration of the Institute.


In Order to help a student to establish his own Private Detective Agency on His successful completion of the certificate, this Institute has arrangements to impart practical professional training in Delhi. Those students who have obtanine3d minimum Grade B will be considered for the business Oriented Certificate. The duration of the certificate is four weeks.

The Certificate includes practical training , dealing with clients, handling of cases working out of professional fee and other expenses , conducting of independent investigation, briefing the other investigation & Preparation of final report . This Certificate , not only creates confidence in the student but also bring professionalism in him enabling him to handle various types of cases independently the student has to make his/her own arrangement for boarding and lodging at Jaipur.


Certificate / Certification Type

Fee (INR)

Indian Students

Fee (USD)

International Students

Max. Duration         

Membership Certificate 

900 Rs.

50 USD

1 Year

Membership Certificate 

1800 Rs.

122  USD

3 Year

Membership Certificate 

3600 Rs.

337 USD

5 Year











Certificate / Certification Type

Eligibility / Requirements

Membership Certificate 

Graduate / Non Graduate / 12th / 10th.

Graduate and Non Graduate Certificate

10th (SSC) or 10+2 (HSC) or Diploma passed in any discipline from recognized Board/ School/ College.

PG Certification

Graduation in any discipline from recognized School, College, Institute or University. (Final year students can also apply)

Career Prospects

After completion of private detective certificate, you can get employment in various security agencies, where the work involves providing security covers to government or private establishments, commercial and residential complexes, auditoriums, large events, festivals, and fairs. Depending on the degree and nature of investigation, though sometimes the threat could be very risky, the brighter side is this job would never let you get bored and after each success leave you more confident.
One can also buy a franchise or set up independent establishment and work on his own. However, the success of business depends on the knowledge, investigative skills, experience, and reputation in the market. If you opt to work in an organization, with time and skills, you can proceed to become senior investigator. In India there are nearly 1500  security agencies and 500 detective firms (registered), which are either run by business organizations or ex-servicemen. As most of the owners do not come from any investigative background, they hire people who have knowledge in this field.

 General Rules And Regulations

  1. All fees Paid to the Institute for any  certificate are neither refundable nor  transferable.
  2. Students can remit the fees through bank drafts drawn in any bank having its associate banks in Jaipur . All such Drafts must be drawn in favor of “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)     “ and Payable at Jaipur.
  3. Out- Station Cheques  are not acceptable.
  4. Students can also remit their fees and other payments through money orders. While sending the fee by money orders, student must write Admission Form Number, hid full name and address in block capital letters on the coupon of the money order.
  5. Crossed Indian Postal Orders Are also Acceptable, which must be drawn in favor of  “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATION ( A Unit Of Siyol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)    “ and should be payable at Vidhyadhar Nagar Post Office, Jaipur (Raj.) 302016
  6. Students , Opting for Easy Installment plan , are required to remit the subsequent  installments within the specified period as mentioned in the foot- note of the “Schedule of Fee”. The institute will not stop dispatch of lessons on Non-Receipt of Installments in Time. However , the installment will be accepted with late fee of Rs. 750/ Within The Grace Period Of 30 Days . The Name of student will be struck off the rolls , if the installments are not received within the grace period .
  7. A student , on written request , can be re-admitted in the same certificate or the next on payment of the re-admission fee of Rs. 900 /- along with the out standing dues.
  8. One copy Of the recent passport size photograph of  the student should be pasted on the admission form in the space provided for the purpose. Two copies of the same photo should be attached with the form.
  9. The photograph pasted on the  admission from should be signed by the student , after it has been pasted, in such a manner that part of the signatures appear on the portion of the admission form.
  10. The Admission Form Duly Filled up along with the requisite documents must be sent to the registrar of the institute through Registered , Speed Post Or through Courier . The Institute will not be responsible for the delay or loss or admission Form during transit. The student must dispatch the form well in time so as it reaches the institute’s office before the last date of admission .
  11. Students are advised not to send original certification  with the Admission Form. Only  Attested copies of the relevant certification / documents are required to be enclosed.
  12. The Institute reserves the right to reject an application for admission to any certificate without assigning reason.
  13. Lessons are dispatched “Under Postal Certificate or Registered Post” The Institute will not entertain any claim in this regard. Students desiring to have a photo copy of the UPC or Regd. Post receipt for their satisfaction, should send self addressed envelope with Rs 250/- Postal stamp affixed . The duplicate lesson can be sent on receipt of a nominal payment of Rs.500/- Per Lesson .
  14. Some of the lessons sent by this Institute will contain a few a questions . Students are Required  to send their answers within  15 Days of receipt of lessons at their end. These questions will carry 25 % of the total Marks which will be included in the final examination .
  15. No marks will be awarded to the student for non receipt of answer papers in time. This will effect his/her overall performance in the final examination.
  16. Student, If so desires, can re-appear for the final examination  by paying the re-examination fee to improve his/her grading .
  17. A students is required to obtain minimum “C” grading to pass the examination. The corresponding marks of the various  grades are as under:

 A+       ….         85% and above

  A         ….          75% to 84%

  B+       ….           60% to 74%

  B          …..          50% to 59%

 C          …..           40% to 49%


  1. An identity card of the institute with student’s photograph, affixed on it , is issued on request on payment of its charges as shown in the “schedule of fee”

19.Every student is issued with a registration number , which he/she must quote in all future correspondence with the institute , The registration number should be written On TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of letter .

  1. Students are warned not to get any stationary printed using the institute’s name and / or its monogram in any manner whatsoever.
  2. All the lessons of this Institute are protected under Copyright  Act. Therefore no lesson or its part may be published , copied, filmed or reproduced  by any  mechanical , Photostat or electronic process in any manner whatsoever  without the written permission of the principal director of this Institute .
  3. The Medium Of study material and the examination will be English.
  4. Disputes , arising due to any reason, are subject to the jaipur jurisdiction only